Hero part 3

Hero part 2

Hero part 1

Magic is pretty awesome.

The second batch of prints I’ll have at Bronycon! These anime inspired prints will be available along with my other ones at table 702. These are pony crossovers with Little Witch Academia, FLCL, and Gurren Lagann. I hope you stop by my table and say hello!

That’s right! I’ll be at Bronycon offering these lovely prints! Our lascivious lead Luna and these vicious villains will be available at Table 702!

So please remember to stop by to check out some prints or just say hi! I’ll be sharing the table with some wonderfully talented people (AmandaDream, and Gabby) all of whom have fantastic prints, buttons, and many other things to check out.

I’ll show you more prints as we get closer to the convention, so stay tuned!

They do just fine sparring on their own

They do just fine sparring on their own

Next up, healing spells.